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My Experiences

My experience involves a variety of different public relations and part-time work. My public relations experience is strongly focused on clients associated with Auburn University.

I. Writing

Writer for The Corner News and their blog, "The Loveliest Village." Additionally, I was a writer for "The Auburn Family" blog. Both blogs allowed for me to hone in my writing skills, which are a valuable asset to the public relations world.

Through my radio, television and film experience, I have written TV show scripts, TV and radio advertisements, news and movie scripts. I loved writing for RTVF, because I was able to let my creative and inventive nature flow freely.

II. Research

I have planned and conducted community research with a team for the BigHouse, a non-profit organization. My team and I created and distributed a survey to the local community through an email list from the BigHouse. Our goal was to discover why people chose to be connected to the organization through the email list, even though they were not donating or volunteering. After compiling the survey results, my group constructed tactics for the BigHouse to follow in order to increase donations and volunteers.

III. Campaign & Media Kit

My team and I created a campaign for the Auburn Adult Day Care through Auburn University. The AADC was in dire need of an entire rebranding and awareness initiative. Through a survey that my group developed and sent out to the Auburn/Opelika, Ala. area, we found that awareness was the main concern for the organization. We created a campaign that gave them tactics to further improve their community outreach and focus on their target audience base.

The media kit was created for the Women's Leadership Institute at Auburn University. The institute was hosting the Extraordinary Women's Lecture for the spring of 2014. Our group focused on creating the media kit for the lecture, highlighting Gloria Steinem who was the honored speaker for the event.

IV. Social Media

I have worked with social media for both my media kit and BigHouse research. For the media kit, my team and I compiled a list of tweets and facebook status updates for the Women's Leadership Institute.
Also, through my social media release and blog I have had extensive experience in the sphere of social media use.

V. Additional Work Experience

Kinnucan's Specialty Outfitters | Opelika, Ala. | May 2013 - Aug. 2013
I worked as a Team Member for the retail store and actively worked in sales. I greeted and engaged customers during their shopping experience. Additionally, I recruited customers to purchase the Kinnucan's rewards card.

Hudson Bell LLC | Atmore, Ala. | June 2011 - Aug 2012
I worked as an assistant for the on-staff CPAs, constructing and reconciling bank statements through Quickbooks.

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